Monday, September 6, 2010

Crystal Jelly Mooncakes

Bought tis Pingpi Mooncake recipe few weeks decide to try out the most simple mooncake in the book, 'Crystal Jelly Mooncakes'....
When to the bakery store buy the mini jelly mooncakes moulds.....and the ingredients....
so here the recipe:-

Crystal Jelly Mooncakes

For Skin:
1/2 tbsp agar-agar powder
50g white sugar
325ml water
1 blade pandan leaf(knotted)

Paste Filling: i use red bean & lotus paste(buy ready made from bakery store)

Utensil : mini mooncakes mould

1. For Skin: Bring the skin ingredients to a boil. Turn off heat, discard pandan leaf. Leave to cool slightly.
2.To shape filling: As per your desire, take either one / two of the filling type to mix together and shape into rounds.
3. Pour a little of no.(1) into mould. Let it set slightly,place in a piece of the filling of no.(2). Fill no.(1) to the surface of mould. Allow it to set well, keep chilled.
here my product not bad actually except the filling is more than the not taste tat good lar :P haha~~~~

so is very simple to do mooncake...those interested u can try it out.....

for those who looking for the fully agar-agar mooncakes, u can try tis free recipe at here
y i say fully agar-agar mooncake ler....cause the above one use the lotus/red bean paste as the filling n not the agar-agar as the filling.....
so if u wan the filling to be agar-agar too u c try out tis recipe....


Jass said...

i like jelly and red bean.. hope i can find the mooncake mould here :)

Hayley said...

Thanks for the recipe meow! Looks like only simple ingredients are needed, will try it out! :)

Vinnie said...

Jass : remember dun put too much filling like mine....

Hayley : yup tat's the beauty of simple...try it out n let me know the outcome..